» Looking back:Reflection

Tumblr is a wonderful socail network site.A free blogging platform, full of opinionated posts, creative gifs and artistic photos.Although tumblr is a great way to connect,i felt it wasnt and effective academic tool .

Tumblr has such a wide varity of information and opinions , which is its downfall. There are way too many ranting or unimportant blogs that finding inforamation can get very confusing.Also being as i was a brand-new blogger,if i had not had a specific topic, tumblr may have been more difficult to start.

My topic was deaf culture, and it was very difficult for me to find usable topic specific information. Although blogging was frustrating, i tumbled upon the deaf artistic scene. There are many deaf artist and filmmakers that i would normally have never considered before. 

Although i will not continue my tumblr blog,tumblr was a interesting start/look into  blogging as a social tool.Mostly due to its easy-to-use publishing system and unobtrusive social media features

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”
— Mark Twain

» All work and no sign

Today while I was at work a young couple came in. The girl had this radiant smile and the guy had such kind eyes, the way he looked at her was so adorable. They seemed so happy together. The guy was explaining the different animals to her but then I noticed the girl was trying to tell the guy something, through sign language. She was deaf. Then later the guy was trying to explain to the girl what type of music was playing, I thought it was so cute - him trying to act out the music with facial expressions and hand movements, the girl was really entertained by how hard he was trying. Another thing I thought was so cute, was not a single word was said but they had one of the most lively conversations. I couldn’t help but watch as they signed back and forth to one another. And then I got to thinking, I wonder if the guy learned sign language just for her. How romantic and thoughtful is that?

I can’t get over how happy the both of them looked

» deaf education

Today the words “mainstreaming,” “cochlear implant” and “inclusive classroom” present for many advocates of choice a triple threat to sign language. The budget crisis has become a place for supporters of mainstreaming to try to restart the conversation on what should be the preferred, if not sole, method of state-supported deaf education.A rift in the deaf community over mainstreaming started with the struggle to control deaf education in the 19th century. At the Milan Conference of Deaf Educators in 1880, the controversy was over methodology. Would oralism (lip reading) win out over manualism (sign language)?

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“Despite having a relatively large population of deaf in Ghana, there is still very little awareness about deaf culture and extremely high levels of stigmatization. The deaf experience isolation and discrimination in their communities and even their own families.”

Peace Corps Volunteer Lauren Corke


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I didnt think there were sign language comics,the movement in education sign language books is used here! 

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Sense of Place: For my documentary class, we had to choose a place where it has a strong  identity and character that is deeply felt by local, community or visitors.  

I wanted my project to be involved with deaf community’s event because it is a strong identity for myself where I feel like I am home where I can use my own language - American Sign Language and my own culture - deaf culture. There was the event for Belleville Association of the Deaf’s 25th anniversary on Nov. 11 2011 at Ramanda Inn in Belleville. 

Being a hearing person ,unless fluent, you are exluded from these gatherings. Although these associations have the most nice, accepting , friendly people you will ever meet. Luckily i have had the pleasure to  attend a similar gathering like this in dc last year, one of the most memorable days of my life.

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Versa Effect -ASL Film


Its like freaky friday , just in sign language and kinda poorly filmed. I wish they would come out with a big motion picture in sign language ,they have one for every other language.

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Totally legit right?

I need to post this , its hilarious! ecspecially z, who the hell alerts people about zombies that way?

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ASL Gotye “Somebody I Used to Know” (HiDef) (by azora2handsA version for the Deaf and Queer Communities!! :)

The producers say: “The inspiration of this concept was to allow communities largely under served by music to experience the passion and emotion it conveys, most take for granted. It also serves to expose and raise awareness about ASL art and deaf culture to the world. It demonstrates how music cannot only be heard, but be seen as well, by giving the viewer an aural and visually rich experience simultaneously.”

i love this song ! in the comments it states that music doesnt just have to be heard but seen , and i feel thats the beauty of it,another perspective. Plus its a women signing, showing feelings toward another women. culture in two rich perspectives.

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